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Tyla Wynn Biography Photo Tyla Wynn Biography
Born: 10/16/1982
Aliases: Brianna, Tyla Winn

Date of Birth: October 16th, 1982
Birthplace: Lubbock, Texas
Current Resident in Lancaster, California
Birth Name: Nancy Spencer
Assumed Aliases: Brianna Tyler | Miss Wynn | Tyler
Height: 5' 5" Weight: 118 lbs Waist: 26 Hips: 34
Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Brown Breast: 34C
Birth Name: Nancy Spencer

Tyla Wynn born Nancy Spencer, on October 16, 1982 in Lubbock, Texas is an American pornographic actress.
While born in Lubbock, she moved to Lancaster, California during her childhood. She entered the adult industry after her agent at So Cal Pro Models booked her into a foot fetish scene with Jennifer Luv.
She is a multi-award winning seductress with a hot body and naughty personality. The natural 34C sex kitten looks great modeling lingerie and is spectacular stripping out of it. A Libra with an insatiable libido, she has performed in an impressive portfolio of well over 340 adult titles. No stranger to XXX activities, Tyla has taken on some of the biggest cocks in the business and conquered them with her mouth, tits, pussy, and even her anus!

Tyla is a very popular and willing anal performer, who has been ass fucked in more than 250 of her 400 titles. Tyla's 63% ratio of movies with ass fucking compared to movies without is a very high percentage (the average is closer to only 28% for most pornstars). Since anal sex fans are a large segment of the overall porn audience, the ability of Tyla Wynn to gape her asshole or having fucked by two men at once has added to her popularity immeasurably!

Confident and sexy, Tyla Wynn may just be the next big thing in the adult film industry. The actress' smooth, white skin and arresting figure of 34C-24-34 has won her fans all over. This sexy blonde was born on 10-16-83 and grew up in California. Her vibrant and fresh-faced beauty will at first give you the impression that she's shy and quiet; but that would quickly change once you get to know this green-eyed lady. Tyla would charm you with her friendly demeanor and her candidness about her professional life.

The 5'6" Tyla Wynn was inspired by the success story of other adult movie actresses and decided to try her luck in the business because she wanted to earn more. In the few years that she's been in the industry, Tyla has made a name for herself as a dynamic actress and has never failed to create chemistry in her performances.

Tyla Wynn has worked with different studios such as Fusxion, Excessive, Notorious, and Legend. Her notable works include hand jobs and facial sex in "Welcome to the Valley 2" and ejaculating scenes in "Squirt 101." However, it is her single and double anal scenes that she is most known for. It is evident in movies like "Anal Prostitutes on Video 1" and "Anal Overflow" that this is what Tyla does the best. Tyla is considered as a stand-out by many of her fans as she shows off her various single and double anal techniques with her solo and multiple partners.

She has stated to prefer anal sex over regular sex, at one point mentioning that she had done "about two hundred and thirty anal scenes.

Getting to know Tyla in a recent interview with HCG revealed the following fun insights:
HCG: So you are Tyla Wynn?
TW: Yes.

HCG: How old are you?
TW: 22.

HCG: Where were you born?
TW: In Lubbock Texas, but then I moved to Lancaster.

HCG: How tall are you?
TW: I think I am 5?5?? and I have green eyes?

HCG: You don?t have a special color name for them like sparkly green or emerald?
TW: No?[laughs]?I have a friend who calls me pretty eyes though.

HCG: And your hair is brown with highlights?
TW: It?s naturally brown but today it seems to have cream highlights.

HCG: What is your favorite color?
TW: My favorite color is red.

HCG: What was your favorite cartoon when you were a little kid?
TW: I liked watching G.I. Joe and stuff. I hated My Little Pony?that was the worst. I hated those fucking little horses and I wanted to kill them all. I like the Power Puff Girls.

HCG: Do you still watch the PPG?s?
TW: Yeah, that and Sponge Bob.

HCG: Sponge Bob is gay. I can?t watch it.
TW: No it?s not.

HCG: What is your shoe size?
TW: Six or seven.

HCG: What are your measurements?
TW: 34C, 26, 34?but I don?t wear bra?s.

HCG: Why don?t you wear a bra? Are you a hippy chick?
TW: No. It?s just a waste of time. One more thing to take off before sex.

HCG: What about the people who might get off unbuckling it?
TW: I would wear it for them if they asked me.

HCG: How long have you been in this business now?
TW: About a year?almost?it will be a year in May.

HCG: And what do you do?
TW: Anal?and DP?s?with some people?certain people.

HCG: Not everyone?
TW: No.

HCG: Do you get off on being double penetrated?
TW: At first I only wanted to do anal, because I like anal better than regular sex. Then people would tell me that doing a DP was better because you wouldn?t feel it so much in your ass but I like feeling it in my ass. I used to hate having something in the front and something in the back at the same time, but I have learned to enjoy it more.

HCG: What is the largest number of guys you have taken on for a scene?
TW: Only two. I?ve never done gangbangs?

HCG: You?ve never gone fully airtight?
TW: Well, once?with Van Damage.

HCG: And off camera?
TW: Off camera I?m totally innocent and shy. I have a boyfriend who is twenty-one.

HCG: He?s younger than you?
TW: He?s a baby. They don?t talk much and I can whip him into shape.

HCG: Does he freak out over what you do for a living?
TW: No. He actually just started watching my scenes. He used to like to pretend that I didn?t do this for a living but now he?s alright with it.

HCG: Do the two of you ever watch your scenes together while you have sex?
TW: No. He hates that.

HCG: Do you watch porn together?
TW: Yes. A lot.

HCG: How did you get into porn?
TW: I used to go through So Cal Pro Models and my agent booked me on a foot fetish scene with Jennifer Luv. It was like $750 to just play with each other?s feet and make out. She got booked on the job from L.A. Direct and so I asked her how she had gotten there and what she did.

HCG: You didn?t have any misgivings about getting into porn from the beginning?
TW: No. People who have doubts about whether or not they should be in porn need to get out of porn.

HCG: It didn?t bother you to fuck guys you?d never met before in your life?
TW: Nope.

HCG: Do you like it?
TW: I do. I have fun. It?s kind of like going on a blind date.

HCG: Only you always get lucky.
TW: Right. For me I look at it like a profession and so I don?t care if the guy is ugly or fat or small. It?s a job.

HCG: When you were younger did you ever think that you might become a porn star one day?
TW: No. I always just wanted to do modeling. I actually wanted to be a Reef girl, which is a surf girl that just shows her butt. I could never find the company that does that so I ended up in porn.

HCG: Are you a surfer chick?
TW: Yes.

HCG: From Lancaster?
TW: [laughs]?Yeah!

HCG: It seems kind of odd.
TW: I like to take long drives?

HCG: How old were you when you first saw a porn flick?
TW: I was actually in high school. I lost my virginity at 18 and probably saw a porno at 18.

HCG: Did viewing porn play a part in your decision to lose your virginity?
TW: Not at all. I thought porn was something totally different when I started watching it. Now you can see the BTS and it?s not like the 80?s skank porn where you thought it was just a bunch of guys with a camera taking a girl apart.

HCG: Do your parents know what you do?
TW: Yes. My mom and dad actually got together to talk about it.

HCG: So they aren?t still together?
TW: No. They got divorced when I turned twenty-one. I started doing porn when I was twenty-one as well.

HCG: Do you think that their decision to get a divorce influenced your decision to become a porn star?
TW: No. I don?t care what my parents think. My mom moved to England to date this guy and my dad moved back to Texas and bought a house.

HCG: So do you feel that your promiscuity is derived from lack of attention from your father?
TW: I think that it is true in a lot of cases that promiscuous girls become that way due to a lack of affection from their father figures, but I can honestly say that it just isn?t true for me. My father was always there for me. He bought my first modeling clothes and my porn clothes as well. My mother came to set with me and was interviewed by Nectar. She?s been on KSEX with me. My dad keeps my stuff on file for me so that when I get old I can show my grandchildren. They are weird. I have a very weird family.

HCG: Do they watch your porn?
TW: I tried to show my mom just to let her see what I do during the day.

HCG: I take it your family is not religious?
TW: Not at all. We are from Texas so you would think that we would be, but no. My brother used to edit porn though.

HCG: How old is he?
TW: Twenty-four now?and he found me on the back of a boxcover and that is how my family found out. I told my family that I was doing nude modeling and fetish but not guys. So he brought it to my family?s attention and I was like, I don?t do boy girl. He was like, this is you, sucking dick. So I got caught.

HCG: How did they take it?
TW: I guess at first my mom was like, ughh! I don?t want to think that she does this. But then she gave in to it. Now she is like, maybe I will do porn one day.

HCG: Ummm?wow!
TW: I?m lucky because most parents disown their kids after that and my parents still love me to death.

HCG: Which male performers do you feel that you have the best chemistry with?
TW: For the longest time I was working with Stefano and Jon Strong and Manuel. So probably the Red Light guys?and Platinum. I worked with them for 3 weeks straight. It was like we were husband and wife. It almost got boring. I like working with Van Damage to, plus I worked with Alec Knight today for the first time and I get to work with him tomorrow. He can fuck.

HCG: You do a lot of gonzo work but have you done any features yet?
TW: I have. I?ve been in feature titles for both Vivid and Hustler and I recently did my first virtual maid movie for this company called Bouncy. It?s kind of cool because it is like a feature film of just me and no one else in it. I got offered to fly to Australia and do a surf porn flick out there but they had to cancel the movie because Teagan got a contract and she was one of the main girls in the movie.

HCG: Who are your friends in this business?
TW: I like hanging out with Alex Divine. I don?t go out to a lot of porn parties because the first one I went to I got a DUI. I was one point over and I got on the freeway and one exit later I got pulled over. I just finished up DUI school. I used to hang out with Teagan a lot too, and Stacy Thorn.

HCG: What are you hoping to do in porn?
TW: I want to direct.

HCG: What kind of movies would you make?
TW: I think I want to make blowjob movies. I used to not enjoy giving blowjobs but now I love it.

HCG: Do you get off on it?
TW: The only thing I really get off on is doing anal.

HCG: Have you ever done double anal?
TW: Yes. Only once. It was with Stefano and John Strong and it hurt like hell.

HCG: What do you do to prepare for anal?
TW: I have done about two hundred and thirty anal scenes and not had a mess. I only eat one meal a day because I have been doing anal so many days in a row now. I use warm water and it cleans it out fine.

HCG: Doesn?t getting fucked in the ass everyday take its toll after a while?
TW: This may sound weird but I cannot take a shit like a normal person would. I have to use an enema every time I go to the bathroom to take a shit because I can?t push.

HCG: A real enema or just warm water?
TW: Just warm water. I can?t push it out.

HCG: Do you think that if you stopped having anal sex it might go back to normal?
TW: That?s what I think. I?m always scared that my intestines are going to fall out. I heard something about that once. How does that happen?

HCG: I don?t know. I?m not a doctor.
TW: True.

HCG: We could ask a doctor but I?m sure he would just tell you to stop getting fucked in the ass every day if you are concerned with it.
TW: And that?s not going to work. I like it too much. Everyone has a bad habit.

HCG: What is the perfect size for a cock?
TW: About seven inches.

HCG: Not fourteen inches?
TW: Fuck no. I?ll talk to my mom about that and she will tell me what her perfect size is and she scares me.

HCG: What does your mom say is the perfect size for a cock?
TW: Like at least ten or eleven inches. I?m like, five?six?seven tops. I like them short and fat or long and super skinny. Not big and fat because it?s two things to worry about.

Tyla Wynn is the kind of girl you wouldn't expect to be doing porn. She looks shy and innocent enough until she opens her mouth and confesses how much she loves getting fucked in the ass by guys she's never met in her life.
Tyla Wynn has been on a steady climb to the top in her porn career ever since she began just 2 short years ago. Tyla has amazed the industry with her anal antics. The girl just can?t get enough cock in her ass! She is already credited for nearly 200 movies, and no one comes close to how much anal fucking this chick can handle. Believe it or not, sweet little Tyla was a cheerleader at her high school in Quartz Hill, California. There?s no doubt we?d all enjoy seeing Tyla in her old high school cheerleading outfit taking it up the ol? dirt road!

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